Dying with Pride


Jeffery’s skin was as moldy as my decaying happiness. I couldn’t save him from the infliction set out to destroy his old soul. I was proud of myself to even concoct a cure for his rotting texture. I closed my eyes and spoke in a hushed tone, revitalize him before my mother and the words echoed within my head over and over becoming louder each time. My method of restoration was absurd to most of the villagers, but they would never understand true power within the mind until they have been granted the opportunity. With all of my power I couldn’t stop his suffering, but I could slow down the deterioration of his home body before it could perish. It would spare him a great deal, but the rest would have to be taken on by my brother, Prince Dee’s people of the North Village who were more experienced in the medical field than any other part of this kingdom. A golden glow emitted from Jeffrey’s body manifesting a mending of his health. Jeffery’s boorish actions lead him to this despair. I made a mistake of trusting his life to the hands of my enemy, but it was nothing but a ploy to get revenge.

Caleb, my representative, had been entering the room numerous times throughout the day updating me on the status of my village. I had him to command my guards to get everyone to safety. I couldn’t bear the thought of any one of my villagers getting hurt in any form. My relaxed nature held temporary until the moment Caleb swung open the door and let the words they’re here escape his lips. I told him to collect the guards and hold them off until I was done with the restoration process. He gave a nod and headed out down the hallway. I soon heard voices rumble through the castle as chunky as the men that set about. Soon enough I was done assisting Jeffrey and all he needed to do was rest. I still had to protect him. I had to protect him and my village. I was left slightly dizzy after the whole process, but I could focus enough to defend myself. I eased the door open and began making my way down the hallway. It was an unsightly figure hanging by his neck on the wall to the right of me. It wasn’t one of my men though, but it was still horrific.

The mob outside of my castle roared throughout the village. I closed my eyes, and when I opened them, I stood before them all, bare handed, and everything was settled. I stood in front of my castles entry door and I stood before a heartbreaking sight; patches of blood scattered across the grass. “You’ve finally made your appearance. What took you so long?” Jeannette questioned, holding a grin on her face. The sight of my men laid across my field was encouraging enough for me to rip her soul out of it’s shell, but it would only make matters worse. “Why are you here? Apparently you haven’t had enough,” I spoke out. “You have something… or rather someone… that I want and I’m not leaving here without him.” The words that she chose to speak was always spurious, so I could never tell what her truth was. She stepped forward towards me and with the wave of my hand it stopped her in her tracks. Her meaty fingers cringed as she tried to move her body, but that wasn’t going to happen. How dare she come on my grounds and expect to get away with this idiocy she calls revenge?

I walked forward until I could stare directly into her milky white eyes. I wanted to take a more peaceful approach and offer something that I thought, she would feel to be greater than his life. Yet, she still felt the need to be divergent, so I figured to just have her banished to my dungeon instead. A place where she would be held as a prisoner until she rotted away more remorsefully than my soldiers did. I began to place my order, but before I could speak, my mouth was left ajar by the words, “I swear that I’m going to destroy everything that you cherish. You killed my father and now I’m being punished?” “What happened to your father couldn’t be helped and you know that,” I commended, but she wasn’t hearing it. I was the only one there when it happened, so all she could do was put the blame on me. “I killed your father, you killed my men. We are equal now,” I said, clumsy with my words, hence the reason I fall silent almost every hour of the day. Tears began to fill her eyes before they closed. I felt a grip around my neck before I could even move, but that’s all it was, a grip. When it loosened I moved forward and I turned around to see Jeffery standing behind her, a sword plunged through her chest and blood running from her mouth before she was released to fall before us. Her army vanished quicker than they arrived and all was left was an eerie silence as a farewell gift. I was grateful to Jeffrey for saving my life, but he didn’t know the trouble that he unleashed onto this village.


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